"Set of 3 botanicals" Cyanotype 7.5x11

"Set of 3 botanicals" Cyanotype 7.5x11


Set of 3 botanical orignial cyanotype photograms

Approximately 11" x 7 1/2" each

Each of these prints has 1 hand torn edge adding to the organic nature of the print and process.

This is an original cyanotype on watercolor paper. Each Cyanotype is unique and will vary in color and opacity. I paint a chemical solution on watercolor paper and then place botanicals on the paper and the sun exposes the image resulting in a beautiful indigo work of art.

This listing is for the print only. It comes unmatted and unframed, and is lightly signed by me.

* Due to the nature of the cyanotype printing process, fading may occur over time if exposed to prolonged light. If this happens, just temporarily store your print in a dark environment and it should darken to its original color. *

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