Custom Family Portraits

This is a fun and unique gift idea for yourself or for a family member or friend! Please note that these are not supposed to look exactly like the image you send me. These are meant to be a cute illustration representation of you and your family. All family portraits are painted in watercolor on 9"x12" 100% pure cotton watercolor paper.


Pricing is based on the number of people and pets that are included in the portrait. Portraits are painted on 9"x12" 140 lb watercolor paper and include a painted border around the portrait, the family name and date (this can be customized). For a more detailed border, price may vary.

2 People/Pets : $200

3 People/Pets : $225

4 People/Pets : $250

5 People/Pets : $300

6 People/Pets : $350

7 People/Pets : $400

8 People/Pets : $450

* If you want a portrait with more people than listed in my pricing, contact me for a custom quote. *


Please note: an additional $15 will be added to your total for 2 day shipping + insurance. Shipping prices may vary if you are ordering more than 1 painting and/or if you are wanting to expedite shipping.


Email me with the number of people/pets that you want in the portrait, along with the photo or photos you want the portrait to be painted from.

I will then get back to you with a date that I can get it done by. Once we have agreed upon a time frame, I will then send you a %50 deposit payment request thru Venmo or PayPal or another payment method that is convenient to you. Once I have received the deposit, I will begin the portrait.

I will email you a photo of the sketch before it is painted. You will be limited to TWO minor revisions during this sketch period. If your proofs exceed 2, you will be charged a fee of $10 per proof. For a complete redo of the sketch there will be a $100 fee. Once you approve the sketch, I will begin painting. Once completed, I will send you a final photo of the painting before I ship it to you. Once I receive the remaining payment, I will ship the painting to you.

* If you need the painting sooner than my available time frame, you will be charged a $25 rush fee per painting. *

Your painting will be packaged and shipped to you in a kraft rigid mailer with chipboard backers, inside a bubble envelope and in another larger kraft rigid mailer to prevent bending and to keep it safe and sound!