Commission Based Sales Position Available!

I am on the search for a commission based sales person to sell my artwork! If you love my work and could use some extra money on the side, this is for you!! I am based in Phoenix, AZ but this position is open to anyone, anywhere. As long as you (or your client) lives somewhere that can receive packages, we are all good!

This is a commission based position, meaning, you make it what you want. I am looking for someone who can find a buyer for a piece and then I will pay you a commission on every piece you sell. The more you sell, the more you make! This position will be on a trial basis at first to make sure we are a good fit and then we will go from there and who knows, maybe it could grow into something more!


  • Self starter and self disciplined
  • Sales experience preferred
  • Excellent communicator and tech savvy (aka texts/emails, etc)
  • Organized
  • Has connections with people with good taste in art ;) 

If you are interested, send me an email to and tell me why you would like this job and any other relevant information you think would be useful!

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