November Round Up!

Hello from the Kitchen Studio! 
My monthly round up of my Favorite Finds is here!

What's keeping me entertained... 

Books I read:

Next on my List:

What I'm eating:

Trader Joe’s Finds:
  • Brussel Sprouts Sauté Kit - So good and easy!
  • Green Beans Sauté Kit - These are delish over mashed potatoes.
  • Dark Chocolate Peppermint Joe Joe's - Trader Joe's Holiday stuff is here! My favorite time of year and these are the BEST.
  • Fried Onion Pieces - I keep putting these on everything! 

Gift ideas....

  • Fujifilm Instax Camera - This is a super cute old school style polaroid camera. A camera like this would be so fun to have on a trip.
  • Kindle Paperwhite - I love my kindle and love being able to download samples of books to try before I buy.
  • HP Photo Printer - I love the idea of this little printer that can connect to your phone and print your photos.
  • Ball Jars with drinking lids - Ok this may be a funny gift to give but I use these everyday and love them!
  • Nisolo - Anything from here! They have beautiful shoes, bags and jewelry! I've been eyeing the Emma D'orsay Oxford.
  • Olive Oil Pour Jars - These jars from A Question of Eagles are SO cute! This is definitely on my wish list!! 

Laurie Anne Art Updates....

  • Did you see my Holiday Collection? Wrapped and ready to give, framed original watercolor paintings!

  • I also added a new print to the shop! I also added a bunch of discontinued prints to the SALE section of my site. Get them before they are gone!

  • Follow @laurieanneartsale on instagram for my studio sale coming up in the new year!


Do you have any favorite finds of your own? Tell me! Reply to this email and let me know! I may share them next month! ;) 

Xoxo, Laurie Anne

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2018 Holiday Collection is here!

Give the Gift of Original Art this Holiday Season!

Each hand painted watercolor is unique and framed in a heavy, clear block acrylic frame ready to go on a bookshelf or to give as a gift!
Every painting comes beautifully wrapped in heavy white paper and tied with twine and a tag and finished with a fresh sprig of greenery.
Quantities are limited!

Looking for something a bit bigger?
Check out my Original Paintings on Canvas!

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New WorkLaurie Anne Art
October Monthly Round Up!

Hello from the Kitchen Studio! 
My monthly round up of my Favorite Finds is here!

This is the first of these monthly emails and I am really excited to start this series. We are starting off strong, this is packed full of good stuff! Enjoy!

What's keeping me entertained... 

Books I read:
I’ve been on a light, easy, beach read kick lately and these hit the spot.

Currently Reading:

Books I want to read:

TV shows (Hulu, Netflix, HBO or Amazon Prime):

  • A Million Little Things - New drama available on Hulu.
  • Superstore - Not new but on Hulu and so funny.
  • This is Us - This has been on for a few seasons but if you haven’t watched, do it now! On Hulu and the best family show ever created.
  • New Amsterdam - on Hulu.. I love medical dramas.. so the more the merrier for me!
  • Schitt's Creek - Season 4 is out on Netflix and it’s hilarious.

Recipes I made (and loved!):

Beans and Greens -
  • 2 cans each:
  • Navy Beans
  • Black Eyed Peas
  • Northern Beans
  • Pinto Beans    
  • 6-8c. Chicken Stick
  • 1 pack frozen or fresh Greens
  • 1 lb Spicy Sausage
Cook sausage in big pot. Drain and rinse beans, add to pot. Add chicken stock. Bring to a slow boil. Add greens and return to a slow boil.
  • Sweet Potato Chili - Next time I make this, I am going to cut down on the chili powder a bit because it was a little spicy for my taste but still SO good. 
  • Turkey Sweet Potato Skillet - This ended up being more of just a meat dish but it SO good served over rice (we use Trader Joe's organic frozen rice for a quick option) or served with other sides. We made this a couple times this month!
Trader Joe’s Finds:
  • Just Mango - Be sure and buy a couple bags at once, because you will go thru it quickly!
  • Roasted and Lightly Salted Pumpkin Seeds - These are such a nice salty snack!
  • Mug Cake - This chocolate and salted caramel goodness is so good and hits the spot when you get a craving for cake!
  • Curry Salad Kit - I legit cannot stop eating this salad! Add salt and pepper for an extra zing!
  • Blueberry Lavender Almond Beverage (not pictured) - located in the non refrigerated aisle and it is like drinking a not-too-sweet milkshake. I drink it out of a wine glass. It's that good. 
  • Vegan Oatmeal Chocolate Chip Cookies with Coconut - these are in a bag in the bakery section and they are delish!
  • My new “Love Anyway” sweat shirt. Preemptive Love is a great organization that is loving and serving those who are living in war torn Iraq and Syria. Check out what they do here.
  • I'm a chapstick freak and my favorite lip balm at the moment is Balm Dotcom in Mint. You can get 10% off with that link.
  • This travel white noise machine. I've shared this in my instagram stories before and it is awesome. It has saved our sleep while traveling!

Have you heard about...

  • Marco Polo App! This is my new favorite app for keeping in touch with my friends! It’s video messaging but not like FaceTime. I now talk to my high school and college friends daily because of this app and its been awesome and its free! Check it out!
  • I have an Amazon List where I save all my favorite finds on Amazon! You can check it out here.

New things happening in Laurie Anne Art land…

  • My newest online painting class on Skillshare is now available! You can learn more about it here.
  • I have 3 new botanical prints available thru Jenny’s Print Shop!
  • I am part of the Handmade Pop Up Shop that will be going on Nov 1-12th! This is an online marketplace full of artists all in one place for you to shop for the holidays! 10% of all the profits are going to a good cause!
  • Looking for Holiday Cards? Check out my line with Dixie Design Collective!
  • Stay tuned for my Holiday Collection coming out late November! I am very excited to offer small framed original watercolor paintings this year! They are perfect to give as a gift!
  • I am now offering Payment Plans on my larger pieces. Contact me and we will get it set up! Or, you can use PayPal Credit when you check out with PayPal.

Do you have any favorite finds of your own? Tell me! Reply to this email and let me know! I may share them next month! ;) 

Xoxo, Laurie Anne

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DIY Hand Carved Stamps
DIY hand carved stamp tutorial

I have been busy planning for the holidays and decided to make some stamps to make my own wrapping paper! I took photos of the process and thought I would share with all of you!

Supplies needed:

You can find the rest of my favorite Amazon supplies here.

  1. Start with a simple sketch.

  2. Carefully carve around your sketch.

  3. Clean up the edges and cut the design out.

  4. Press your stamp into ink and stamp!


You can make all kinds of stamp designs this way but fair warning, the more intricate ones are a little more difficult to make but are totally doable if you have some patience!

PS The tools are very sharp, so be very careful when carving! I learned this the hard way in college ;)

I hope you enjoy!

DIYLaurie Anne Art
Cyanotype 101 : Botanical Art Prints

I am super excited to announce that I am teaching a Cyanotype 101 class on Skillshare!! When I shared my cyanotype process on Instagram a while ago, I got a lot of requests to teach yall how to make them and now you can do it in the comfort of your own home!

In order to take the class, you need a Skillshare account and with this link  you can get 2 FREE MONTHS of Skillshare!! Skillshare is one of my favorite ways to learn and getting 2 free months is like hitting the jackpot.. so, go ahead and sign up and If you aren't hooked on it after you take my class and any other classes on there you find, you can always cancel your class before the 2 months are up, but trust me, you won't want to. ;)

I really hope yall love this class!! Its such a fun and easy way to create a unique piece of art! 

Laurie Anne Art
Commission Based Sales Position Available!

I am on the search for a commission based sales person to sell my artwork! If you love my work and could use some extra money on the side, this is for you!! I am based in Phoenix, AZ but this position is open to anyone, anywhere. As long as you (or your client) lives somewhere that can receive packages, we are all good!

This is a commission based position, meaning, you make it what you want. I am looking for someone who can find a buyer for a piece and then I will pay you a commission on every piece you sell. The more you sell, the more you make! This position will be on a trial basis at first to make sure we are a good fit and then we will go from there and who knows, maybe it could grow into something more!


  • Self starter and self disciplined
  • Sales experience preferred
  • Excellent communicator and tech savvy (aka texts/emails, etc)
  • Organized
  • Has connections with people with good taste in art ;) 

If you are interested, send me an email to and tell me why you would like this job and any other relevant information you think would be useful!

JobsLaurie Anne Art
Inspiration: Jamie Beck

You know when you are at the doctor or watching a medical drama (any other lifelong Grey’s Anatomy fans over here?!) and the doctor or nurse checks the patients “vitals”? They are checking all the signs that indicate whether that person is going to live or if they are on the verge of death. For artists, checking our vital signs regularly is really important. Our creativity can be flourishing one day, as healthy as it can be and then one day, often without warning, it can be dead as a door nail. Inspiration is vital for an artist and in order to keep my own vitals in check, I have decided to start a series where I share the people, places and experiences that are keeping me inspired aka alive.

Photo taken by Jamie Beck for her # chateauselfportraitseries  from  @annestreetstudio

Photo taken by Jamie Beck for her #chateauselfportraitseries from @annestreetstudio

If you do not know Jamie Beck from Ann Street Studio, stop everything you are doing right now and go follow her on Instagram! I somehow stumbled upon Jamie a few months ago and I am only sorry I didn't know about her sooner! I am about to sound like a major fan girl and its because I am! Its been a very, very long time since a contemporary artist has inspired me like she has and you are about to see why..... 

Jamie is an American photographer who moved from a fast pace lifestyle in NYC to a slow, quieter, small town life in Provence, France. She creates the most elaborate and beautiful still lives out of food, florals and even bugs (here - watch closely and you can see the snails moving aroundhere and here) and then photographs them creating a piece of art that transports you back to the renaissance. And often, she even eats her still lives! Let me explain, say she is using artichokes in her still life, she will then cook with them that night for dinner. Even her meals are beautiful! It's so simple, yet genius and delicious. But yall! The best part is that she shows us her creative process in her stories (and highlights) on Instagram! This is my favorite part about following her because you see the care she takes in creating every little detail. From collecting and rehydrating a dead bug to use in a still life (I know it sounds sort of weird but it was oddly beautiful) to watching her take the time to grind spices with a mortar and pestle to use in her dinner that night. I mean, I don’t know about you but I have a pepper grinder from Trader Joe’s and that’s about as close as I get in terms of “fresh ground spices” for our meals. But watching Jamie live this life of truly caring about what she is creating, even in her food, has really inspired me.

Jamie is also brilliant when it comes to self portraits. I personally love self portraits. Whenever I am in a creative rut, I sometimes paint a portrait of myself and over the years I have painted quite a few. I've tried to convince Taylor we should create a gallery wall in our house of all my self portraits, maybe in the guest room, a bunch of Laurie Anne’s watching you sleep. I am laughing out loud writing this because that would be so creepy. Don’t worry, future guests, I won’t do that to you! ----- Ok, back to Jamie's self portraits... I love that her portraits look like paintings. They are so moody, dramatic, romantic and soft all at the same time. I love when she multiplies herself over and over in them (my personal favorite - *fair warning, if you are at work reading this, there is a bit of nudity in this one and the next link*.. be sure to read her post along with this portrait, very thought provoking). This one is so simple but so beautiful. And this one!! The behind the scenes on how she created this one was FASCINATING! For those of you that may not realize, she takes these photos of herself using a tripod and the glorious invention of remote shooting. There is not another photographer taking the photos. This is all her work. How amazing is that?!

Everything she touches is creative gold. Jamie is one of those artists who I feel is truly living in creative freedom. She made the decision to leave the comforts of the USA to live a quiet life fully dedicated to her art. And from an outside perspective, I’d say, taking that risk has paid off. Her work is absolutely captivating. Being able to follow along on Jamie’s artistic journey is so good for my soul. I dream of having the same opportunity one day and until that day comes, I am crossing my fingers and toes that Jamie will offer a workshop in Provence because I will be the first one to sign up!

Thank you for sharing your life and creativity with us, Jamie. You have made the world a more beautiful and interesting place with your art. 

What do you think of Jamie’s work?! Have you sold all your posessions to go live a life in France, yet? No? Just me? Ha! Tell me your thoughts on this Instagram post here.